Does anyone remember the days before computers?

Dominic White, Joint MD of IT support provider Computer Systems Engineers (CSE) looks back on much simpler times.


When memory was something you would lose with age. A cursor was someone that swore a lot. A hard-drive was a long trip in the car. A keyboard was a small piano, and a mouse pad was where trendy mice lived! Those were the days!
However, nowadays our minds are filled with bewildering error messages and complicated codes, with IT experts forcing meaningless jargon into our brains until we feel more corrupted than the systems we were enquiring about.
Let’s go back to the first ever computer ‘bug’. On September 9, 1945, a U.S. Navy officer; ironically named, Grace Hopper, found a moth between the relays on the Harvard Mark II computer she was working on. In those days computers were huge and produced a great amount of warmth, which would attract moths, flies and other flying creatures. These creatures regularly caused havoc with the machines, often causing them to malfunction. The incident was reported in Grace Hopper’s diary, entitled: “First actual case of bug being found.” Hence came the expression that we still use today; “computer bug”.

Since this incident the number of computer bugs, viruses and malware has grown tremendously, becoming more and more sophisticated and harmful with each passing year, particularly targeting businesses; forcing the owners to pay extortionate demands made by the cybercriminal.

Cybercriminals are no longer the average Joe that sits at his computer placing videos of piano playing cats on your website. There are now huge groups of cybercriminals, infecting your business and stealing thousands, sometimes millions of pounds every year.

A new report from telecoms giant BT and consultants KPMG found that malicious software was infiltrating an astonishing 97 per cent of firms in Britain. It further reported that just a fifth of businesses in Britain feel prepared to deal with future incidents. The IT Support Industry is a service that when you need it, you really need it. In those circumstances you need a provider who understands that not everyone is an IT expert, one that will guide you through any fault that arises on your system, speak to you in layman’s terms and make sure that not only is your problem solved, but also that you understand the advice provided.

Using an outsourced IT support company will take away the concerns and complications that arise from the very core of your business and allow you to focus on the day to day running of the company. A good support company will work alongside your business and understand its needs, maintaining and enhancing your systems, keeping you up to date with any modern, relevant technology, so that your business will always be at the forefront of its industry.
We’re a well established team at CSE and we are proud of our friendly relationship with our customers. We are proud to have remained at the forefront of the IT Support industry for over 20 years and we’re proud that our customers feel they can rely on us if they have an IT disaster.

The IT Support Service industry may be growing every day, because of the huge rise in cybercrime threats and cyber security software, but who is helping your industry grow? We understand that the only way we can continue to grow, as we have since 1995, is if we help you grow with us.