Coronavirus: Continue Working in the event of Self-Isolation!

Remote Working Solutions!

With the rising fear of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading all over the world, workplaces have the same atmosphere as any public place, especially with members of staff returning from their holidays.

Naturally, we all want to remain hopeful the global spread of Coronavirus doesn’t lead to major health issues here in the UK, but the reality is economists are expecting the increase of people self isolating and working from home to avoid crowded workplaces, which could lead to huge disruption if business owners are not prepared.

With this in mind, we at Computer Systems Engineers Ltd would like to remind our clients and any other readers that not only can we provide support and care for the businesses’ integral systems, but also solutions to reduce downtime by introducing them to the capabilities of remote working.

Self-isolation is not a practical long-term solution if your team is unable to continue with their day-to-day work and therefore, remote working is the best solution as it keeps your member of staff connected to the office wherever they might be.


Remote working is a style which allows business owners or employees to work outside of a traditional office environment.

We feel it is important to mention working remotely has long been around before the fears of the spread of the Coronavirus, and has become an increasingly more common form of working in the last few years; due to the flexibility it offers businesses and their employees.

You may have even heard a friend in your local bar say the phrase: “I have been working remotely this week!” or “I’ve been able to travel and take my job with me!”  – It really has become a lot more common in modern society!


Well, as we have already mentioned, remote working provides flexibility for staff members, ensuring they can continue conducting their work, wherever they might be! This of course would be an essential addition to businesses in the event of self-isolation!

There are numerous other benefits, including time and money saving, due to the absence of needing to commute to work every morning. It also provides staff with a better work-life balance which could lead to a better mental attitude towards work, and an increase in productivity.


Introducing remote working to businesses is a relatively simple process, and the requirements for the end user are fairly minimal, such as access to a PC, Laptop, Chromebook or Tablet, and an internet connection.

If you would like to speak to us about the required hardware within the workplace to set up remote working and prepare your business for the inevitable problems which could result from the spread of Coronavirus, please contact our team of specialists on:

01444 238070.