“My Computer Has Been Compromised by Cybercrime!”


Cybercrime experts are warning business owners that: “It is no longer a question of if – but a question of when!”


“I thought I was secure?”

Many business owners that we have spoken to in the Sussex area are often left shocked and confused when their systems are breached despite having installed firewalls, anti-malware and anti-spam software, recommended by their own IT Support professionals.

This is because cyber criminals will always find a way in, no matter how secure you might think you are!


“But how did they get in?”

Every cybercrime expert and IT Support Professional can give you advice on the different software available to help combat cybercrime, however, your last line of defence in regards to cyber security, is that you have staff that are trained to identify these threats and not blindly allow these criminals access to your important information.


“So who should I seek for help?”

For months now, IT Support specialists have been filling their advertisements with items regarding, technology to combat the ‘Locky Virus’, or other forms of software; but there is rarely any mention of staff training through the expert consultants that these companies should be able to provide!


“Your last line of defence is prepared, alert staff!”



If your staff are aware of these types of malware, then you can be rest assured that Mark from accounts won’t open that attachment in that unexpected email from the future Prince of Pluto!

But they aren’t all as obvious as Mark’s email!

Many of the more sophisticated cyber criminals create emails that appear to be from your boss, or colleague, or even from yourself, and they will catch you out eventually!

Not only can we supply you with the software and kit required, but here at ‘Computer Systems Engineers Ltd, we provide a complete consultation service to those who are concerned about cybercrime, and to those who require staff training.


Our friendly, reliable technicians can help put your mind at ease by training the most important defence you have in the work place – the staff!

So, make sure you don’t end up like one of the millions of victims who have had to pay out extortionate amounts of money to retrieve their data!

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