Giant Water Slide Facebook Events

Ever use Facebook?

Our partners Sophos have done an excellent article on effectively potential Facebook scams. Titled ‘Don’t bother signing up for the giant water slide Facebook events’.


The article goes onto to say,

Somebody’s promising “the most exhilarating water event to ever hit” the UK city of Hull.

But rather than a free ride on a steep water slide with a pool to splash into at the end, as the Facebook page photo enticingly shows, the event smells awfully fishy.

One commenter dove right into the bogosity:

  • How can this be happening in Hull? There are no public open air pools.

Facebook is reportedly hosting 50 event pages in UK cities, all offering the chance to ride a giant outdoor slide on 29 August – one of the country’s bank holiday weekends – and promising that the event has free admission.


That’s right, all you have to do is show up and “be ready for the ride of your life!”

One more thing: make sure to “JOIN, SHARE the Event & INVITE your friends!”

Mind you, no details on where or when the fun will happen are forthcoming.
Thousands of people have signed up, but the Express reports that local councils haven’t received any applications to stage a water slide event and have warned it could be a scam to gather personal data. quoted a spokesperson from Bristol City Council:

  • We have not received any applications relating to this event and it does not have permission to go ahead on any Bristol City Council land.

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