Sussex Businesses At Risk!

“How Do I know If My Business Requires IT Support?”

Many businesses that we have spoken to in the Sussex area feel they do not require outsourced IT Support in Sussex, as they have not yet experienced any IT issues. However, whether you are a small business or a large business, you may already be experiencing these issues, you just aren’t aware of them yet.

Having reliable IT Support is essential for allowing your business to continue to function at the best capacity possible. Just like everything else these days, your business depends on technology: email, databases, documents and spreadsheets—maybe even software unique to your industry, like a customer management system.


Why put these essential tools at risk?

After meeting with many business owners in Sussex, I explained to them that there are 5 key signs, that your business requires outsourced IT Support, although there are many more:



  1. If you are losing money because you have had to divert your attention to troubleshooting computer/printer/router problems; then your business needs IT support!

    Many businesses bill by the hour, including lawyers and plumbers. But if those billable hours have fallen because you are stuck with a computer that won’t start, or dodgy internet connection, then maybe it is time you got yourself a reliable IT Support company so you can focus on your business.

  2. If your computer is down with a virus, but your one man band support guy is on holiday, then your business needs IT support!

    Maybe you have a mate who is a computer whiz that helps you out when you need him, but what happens when you are sitting with a blue screen and he is sipping cocktails on a sandy beach? You can’t put your own business on hold waiting for his return! If you consider your business to be a professional outfit, then start relying on professional IT Support.

  3. If you are ready to spend good money on hardware for your business, but have no idea what you require, then your business needs IT support!

    From computers to printers, buying the right hardware for you can be a very tedious and expensive task. Sometimes you may spend too little and purchase hardware that is of no use to you, but more often, you will spend too much. All reliable IT Support businesses should offer a consultancy service and have the know-how to assess your businesses needs, helping you prioritise your spending.

  4. If you just tried to upgrade a crucial software package, but you find out it won’t run on your computer, then your business needs IT support!

    Adobe Creative Suite is essential software for designers, or teachers, but each upgrade demands a lot from your computer that runs it. Maybe your profession requires certain software, and you can’t work without it. When new upgrades are released, they usually demand more memory and more speed, maybe even a new operating system. Don’t lose productivity fighting a losing battle. Call on professional IT support so you can get on with your work.

  5. If your data isn’t backed up, then your business needs IT support!

    What are you going to do if you lose all your contacts, documents, contracts, background research, reports or photos? How much of a disruption to your business will you suffer? Think about how much that will cost you and it doesn’t take long to conclude that professional IT help in setting up a disaster recovery plan, including a first-rate backup solution, is worth the investment.

IT Support Sussex & Area

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