How to avoid your customers being angry at you

In this article we find “ users angry at firm’s response to hacks” from the BBC,

Of course, the strategy is not to allow hackers anywhere near your data in the first place. A lot of business today still do not take appropriate measures to protect themselves, let alone their customers from malicious attacks.

I read an article regarding the British Library, which was about a ransomware attacks. At the time the British Library was rebuilding its data to allow users to book books out. Assume the British Library’s income was earned from booking out books. It’s primary income stream would stop. Fortunately that is not the case. I know of other national business that have also suffered attacks.  They have chosen not to go public with their issues. Not wanting to unduly worry its customer base I can only guess.

A Different Way of Thinking

I was at a seminar a while ago which sort to change the thinking on how business approach dealing with cyber security. The first thing to change is the language. The thinking has been “if we suffer an attack”. However, it should be “WHEN we suffer an attack” what do you do.

Start with that premise of thinking about dealing with the aftermath of an attack, and work backwards. From that point you will start to think about the weaknesses within the business’s IT infrastructure. Any approach to cyber security must have a layered approach. A lot of businesses throw a lot of money at solving the technical issues and still forget about educating their employees. Without training they could be their weakest link. We see time and time again, even intelligent technically aware individuals falling foul of some sort of attack.


We do understand that the average business owner, even those with technical ability, may struggle unwittingly, to fully account for the different layers of Cyber Security. The Cyber Security Essentials path is a good path to follow and would indeed be sufficient for most companies. We are fully compliant and are able to help certify business for Cyber Security Essentials, contact us or call us now to start your journey to a more secure future.