IT Cloud Support

Getting your head out of the clouds

We live in a time where you can enjoy internet access from the palm of your hand, thanks to smart mobile phones, iPads and tablets, and lightweight laptops. This means that there’s a bigger demand for users to have instant access to all of their data, any time, anywhere on the globe.

IT Cloud Support

Where in the past people would run applications, programs, or access data from a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows users access to the same kinds of applications and access data through the internet.

‘In the cloud’ is, understandably, a confusing term to some people. It can sometimes feel a little disconcerting to imagine data floating somewhere in the ether! However, in reality the data is stored on large host servers that can be located anywhere on the internet and is very secure.

There are numerous providers of host servers, ranging from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, down to specialist server farms who rent out server space for offsite data storage to third party providers, or even individual users, and provide virtual server support.

A key benefit of using cloud services is that even if a user’s device is lost or stolen, they can log on with a different device and still access this secure information from anywhere that has internet access. Losing a piece of physical equipment no longer has to mean loss of work, data, or money.

What’s more, adopting internet-based online storage means that you no longer need to have physical hardware in a fixed location to store data, which is not only more secure, but it can reduce costs and the risk of physical disasters, such as fires.

There is also the growing trend to move users to subscription-based software, rather buy it outright. This means that users can rent both space and software for as long or as little time as they want, completely designed around the needs of the business.

In many instances having all incoming data filtered through screening servers in the cloud also provides a high degree of protection from spam and malware.

How can we help?

Gaining access and managing data ‘in the cloud’, especially for larger companies, can be confusing and even costly, as the data could easily be corrupted. We provide the expertise and business IT support services to help migrate your data safely from fixed hardware into the cloud.

Effective IT Cloud Support

Regardless of where the data is stored, users still have the same problems, of losing files, connections, or suffering device faults, or attacks of malware, so they will still need IT expertise and support, which we can provide.

As a trusted IT support service, we can provide impartial advice on the most suitable systems for you and your business throughout Burgess Hill, Crawley, or the surrounding area.

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