IT support at the touch of button

All the power of an in-house IT support team at the touch of button

Resolving an IT support issue is rarely as simple a ‘turning it off and back on again’. There isn’t a button that, once pressed, magically fixes everything. The vast majority of businesses, of any size, have an IT infrastructure of some kind, and there’s no denying that it doesn’t always work as planned.

Furthermore, not every company has the money – or the physical capacity – to employ a fully staffed, in-house IT support department. An effective and affordable alternative is a remote IT Helpdesk, which provides all of the benefits of specialist in-house support, without any of the overheads.

IT Helpdesk

Take back control

Providing a single point of contact, via telephone, email, and user portal, you will always know exactly where to go to seek the support you need. Managed IT support like this provides four key benefits:

Specialist support: Off-site support means that you can enjoy access to an established team of experts and professionals that would otherwise take years to cultivate in-house. Specialised knowledge like this is difficult to come by, and with such a broad team base you can expect specific support for IT issues that might not be covered by a small in-house team.

Speedy solutions: This team of dedicated specialists are just the touch of a button away, providing expedited troubleshooting for all of your IT support needs. In our experience, the vast majority of the time (sometimes around 90% of the time), technical issues can be solved remotely. And if on-site support is ever required, we can be there in a flash.

Quality assurance: Customer satisfaction is an important metric to measure the success of the remote support provided, so IT support contracts actually tend to work harder for your business than an in-house team might. This isn’t to say that an in-house team is ineffective, just that a service level agreement is an excellent incentive to get the very best out of the support that you receive.

Cutting costs: This bespoke level of support means that, ultimately, a business IT support contract can cost a company significantly less than hiring an in-house team, and grants access to a skill level that would otherwise be unlikely to obtain.

At your service

CSE can take complete responsibility for your IT systems, including maintenance, management and emergency services, security, networks, backup, recovery and monitoring, as well as disaster recovery, leaving you free to get on with running your business. Essentially, we would become your IT department, and would only ever be a telephone call away.

As a trusted IT support service, we can provide impartial advice on the most suitable systems for you and your business throughout Burgess Hill, Crawley, or the surrounding area. If you want to know learn more about our IT Helpdesk services, or any of the business IT support that we offer, give us a call on 01444 238070 and we will be happy to help.