Maladvertising – What Is It and How Do I Protect Myself?

You have all heard of malware and how it can affect your computer – but have you heard of maladvertising? Maladvertising is a way for blending malware with legitimate looking adverts placed strategically on trustworthy websites. They work by adding in malicious code to the adverts which work by redirecting users to malicious websites, and can even install malware onto your mobile and computer even without you clicking the advert.

These tactics are being used for ransomware, banking Trojans amongst a list of others and they can be incredibly harmful.

But, there is a way to protect yourself and we’re here to help. First of all, always keeping your devices and operating system up to date is a great way of keeping your data under lock and key. Alongside that, always having anti-virus on your PC will keep the malicious malware at bay. If you are using Adobe Flash and Java, always keep them up to date and let them update when it is available.

Your data is important and if you are having any trouble with malware or are worried that you have been compromised, pick up the phone and call us – we are always available to help and we go the extra mile to keep your data and personal files safe.