Following on from our recent blog post, “CORONAVIRUS: CONTINUE WORKING IN THE EVENT OF SELF-ISOLATION!” Which explored the practical solutions remote working offers businesses in the event of self-isolation; we would like to present our readers with just 3 more benefits of remote working, whether you are a business owner or employee.


Perhaps in contrast to the beliefs of a lot of employers, most surveys which have been conducted indicate business owners noticed an increase in productivity within their business after the introduction of remote working.

The flexibility that remote working provides, means staff can set up their very own office at home, void of distractions, with their own comforts and surroundings, giving them a far more positive mental attitude towards work!


Typically, this is a BIG benefit to employers and employees alike!

Commuting can be the bane of many of our lives, with travel delays causing lateness and even absenteeism in businesses all over the world!

Thankfully, even if businesses introduce part-time remote working into their workplace, this can reduce downtime dramatically, and employers might find that remote workers are more inclined to even start their day early due to lack of commuting – and as they won’t be rushing to make a train at the end of the day, they may well be happy to stay an extra five minutes to finish off any tasks!

Think of the money saving benefits too!!!


The fewer people commuting to an office everyday, the less congestion there is likely to be on the roads and there is reduced pressure on public transport during peak travel times.

Even if your staff members want to work at a local coffee shop or library rather than at home, the chances of those spaces being in walking or cycling distance are often higher than for an office space.

Rather than spending their mornings sat in traffic releasing harmful carbon emissions, your remote workers can spend this extra time preparing for the working day and can use the added free time to spend longer with their families!

Working in an office often means people have to commute, which gives them less time to prepare home-made lunches and can make people more prone to buying food on-the-go. If we think about the amount of plastic present in a typical meal deal, it’s easy to see how this can add up significantly over time.

Similarly, the amount of paper we use can also be cut down while remote working.


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