Restore Point is Disabled? Update 1809 Is To Blame

Microsoft is a wonderful company for consistently bringing out new updates to keep your PC safe and up to date with fixes for the latest security issues but in their 1809 update for Windows 10, we have come across a problem.

Some of you may know about the Backup and Restore feature on Windows 10 already – this feature is a really handy tool for backing up your data in one go. You are able to create a ‘restore point’ which takes a copy of your hard drive and puts it in a safe place. This means that if your computer won’t start or your operating system has an issue, you don’t have to worry about losing your important data. Restore points can also be used to help repair your computer and take it back to a time before an update.

But in the new 1809 update, it turns off your restore point. This means that once the update is applied, you need to re-enable your restore point so you’re able to back up your data again. This doesn’t mean that you lose your previous backup jobs, but it does mean that you need to make sure that your backup solution is still active.

If you need any advice or help setting up your restore point or you are unsure about backup solutions, give us a ring. We are always happy to help!