Two Factor & Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

Sussex and Surrey Businesses under attack!

Several months ago, we at CSE posted an article which briefly touched on the importance of businesses securing their online accounts by implementing Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication.

The UK Government reported a 26% increase of cybercrime in 2020 compared to 2019, which is most likely a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the negative affects it has brought to most UK businesses, which cybercriminals have taken advantage of.

Sadly, cybercriminals view these times of crisis as an opportunity for profit, ambushing business with emails containing malicious scams or malware and those which direct you to phishing sites, to the numerous misinformation websites which have recently spread across the internet.

Almost half of UK businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) have reported having security breaches or attacks since February, clearly indicating the necessity of businesses to implement Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication to secure their online accounts.

“What is Two Factor Authentication?”

Two Factor Authentication or “2FA” increases the safety of online accounts by requiring two types of validation, for example:  the username and password, followed by a PIN code which can be sent to the user’s mobile device.

“What is Multi Factor Authentication?”

Multi Factor Authentication or “MFA” is the addition of further steps to Two Factor Authentication, for example: username, password, PIN code, and security questions.

“Should I consider using Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication?”

Due to the rising increase of UK cybercrime and the damage it can cause businesses, business owners should seriously consider implementing at least Two Factor Authentication for each of their employees.

It is without a doubt that a considerable number of system failures within a business are a result of human error, commonly a result of users using the same usernames and passwords for multiple accounts, which allows hackers and cybercriminals to easily gain access to their “secure” networks and steal important information.

This can then be combatted by adding the extra layers of security that 2FA and MFA provide.

“How can I implement Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication to my business?”

The implementation of Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication is within grasp of most businesses, give us a call today and we can offer advice and services that will implement extra layers of security to keep your online accounts secure.

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