WhatsApp Security Breach – How Does It Affect You?

Earlier this month, WhatsApp was involved in a security breach that affected millions of customers. A piece of malware called Pegasus was installed onto users mobile phones which can turn your camera on, collect your personal data and sabotage your phone.

This SpyWare has previously been used to tap into phones for a while, ranging from people in the journalism field to civilians. WhatsApp have now covered the breach, stating that an update is required for you to close access to this malicious spyware and stay safe.

This incident highlights the importance of updates and how you can protect yourself from getting hacked along with stopping your important data and privacy taken away from you. Remember, keeping your phones and applications up to date is a priority in these times.

To further protect yourself, having an anti-virus and malware protection installed on your phone will give you that extra level of comfort when it comes to security breaches and possible malware attacks. We recommend using Panda Security on your mobile for scanning and staying safe online. For any help with staying safe online and protecting yourself from attacks, contact us anytime.